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Coach Travel Austria would be the clever preference to hire when visiting the country of Austria. You can inform your group about how Austria is blessed with breathtaking landscape, glorious mountains, and fresh water lakes that form picturesque scenery; the great imperial heritage around the country and especially in the capital Vienna is amazing. Coach travel Austria will show interesting points to do like; The Burg Riegersberg castle is a private property for the ruling family of Liechtenstein. The castle can be reached by walking up the original access path, or the cable car which ascends the other side of the mountain. Also near Riegersberg is the Zotter chocolate factory. They make all their chocolate in an ethical and organic manner. The tour of the factory allows you to taste all of their varieties of chocolate (around 150 which makes a tour in heaven for foodies).By hiring coach travel Austria your group will experience the best of classic music and hiking on a global level.

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