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Bus Charter Company Austria

Welcome to Bus Charter Austria!

We are a bus charter company with more than 40 years experience in travel business in Austria.
We offer bus charter service in Austria and all over Europe.

Whether you only need an airport pick up transfer in Vienna or Salzburg, you plan a bus tour throughout the Alps or trough the whole of Austria or Europe, we are your partner!
We have our own fleet of modern and comfortable buses af any size and equipped with facilities like air-conditioning, WiFi, snacks on board, washing room, kitchen and toilet. Our trained, English-speaking staff will be at your disposal at all times. We are a family-owned bus charter operator with more than 100 employees. You will find we have bus depots in all over Austria, Germany and Europe. We are member of Germanys Coach Tour Organization RDA and the American Society of Travel Agents ASTA. We can honestly say that we are able to offer the best bus charter services throughout Austria and Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get bus charter service at its best!

We also offer full incoming services like hotel booking, tour planning and full package tours!

Feel free to contact us and request further information on any itinerary you have in mind. Also, why not ask for references we have received for outstanding services from our customers, Airlines and Travel Agencies worldwide.

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